Freedom From Guilt From Forgiveness

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10 Comments to “Freedom From Guilt From Forgiveness”

  1.  Bryan J

    I seem like each time i engage I lock lower these filthy designs of thinking i believe, and sin against God, but it’s so difficult to prevent.

  2.  nothin_nyce1

    Since I’ve my conscience back you would not believe the guilt Personally i think everyday.

    How do you request the planet for forgiveness? How do you prove that I have transformed? I had been just in a really low reason for my existence and stated anything I figured would provoke others. Irrrve never supported the majority of my opinions. So yeah, I seem like I am likely to burn in hell. :(

  3.  louisewoods1984

    I’m responsible for this. I recognize that the most crucial factor…most importantly else…is love.

    Legalism breeds guilt and condemnation

    Jesus gives freedom and forgiveness

  4.  MentallyCryppled

    From my blood pressure measurements of Friedrich Nietzsche.

  5.  Pacman

    I sometimes start considering my past, where I’ve wound up consequently. I consider all the ways that I possibly could have resided my existence better, and every one of the folks whom I ought to have reached learn more. This behavior is self-destructive because I have to maintain an optimistic mindset to be able to be sane and effective. What is the healthy method to consider yesteryear? Possibly I ought to only consider yesteryear whenever I’m performing a analysis how I’m able to improve? Nevertheless, I ought to make certain that such research are useful… an analysis into my past is pointless whether it does not result in any concrete cognitive or behavior alterations in myself. Unfortunately that 99% from the occasions which i consider yesteryear I actually do so non-constructively. I merely get sad while learning nothing or neglecting to implement what I have learned. Must I negate diving into my past altogether? Or what exactly are some suggestions you could produce on ensuring generate income consider my past is within a constructive manner?

  6.  Sahil

    Not only do we thirst for meaning; we long for forgiveness, for relief from guilt and culpability.

    There are many sources to which humans turn for such freedom. Their are many Idol worshippers who worship at temples and shrines al over the world. Many of these worshippers bring their gifts and offerings to be enlightened. Their emotions are assuaged, but their trangressions remain-and so does their guilt. Their devotions to statues do not offer forgiveness from their sins or freedom from culpability.

    Gods that cannot hear cannot forgive. Gods that cannot breathe cannot bless. Gods that cannot speak cannot communicate acceptance, Gods that cannot create cannot re-create.

    Only a living God-an incarnated, crucified, and resurrected Saviour-can plead our cause before the Father and undo our sordid past. Only a victorius, living Lord can nullify our trangressions.

    Feel free to share any additional thoughts on “forgiveness”.
    Hi Beth: I really haven’t given much thought to allowing e-mail through this site due to the demands on my time and the abundance of e-mail I am currently receiving on a daily basis. I have already begin reducing my time on this site due to my work schedule. I would very much like to get to know you and a few others on this site. I am more of a personal person. I may decide to allow for some contact in 2008. May God Bless you.

  7.  Harry

    I’m a 32yr old female. My mum is 69. I live two hours drive away from her with my partner. I’m an only child. I had to move 10 yrs ago (from near her) as she was harassing me, dropping into my workplace and making life hell. She has mental health issues and as a 22yr old i found it too hard to deal with, the embaressment and shame. Shes under psychriatic care. She was living fairly independantly but now her behaviour is really bad, shes impossible to be around, causes trouble with family members any way she can. I cannot bring my partner to her house to stay. She hates him and refuses to acknowledge that we are a couple. Her underlying belief is that i should move beside her and ‘take care of her’. She is obsessed with this belief and drives it home to me 100% and tells all that will listen (neigbours,family and all ) that i dont visit her much or that she doesnt see much of me. I ring her 3 times per day, i visit her alone every 3 weekends for the whole weekend. I do anything practical for her that she’ll let me do. Shes a tremendous bully and does not behaviour well. Would think nothing of insulting someone’s dead mother to their face or saying awful things about me or my father, thats even after i lovingly tell her to refrain from such comments and she will have a nicer life. All her relatives have abandoned her, no one visits and even the neighbours want nothing to do with her as shes dangerous as in she repeats anything she hears and names names. Like a 3 yr old. But very malicious gossip. She hasnt a good word to say about Dad and subjects him to horrendous verbal abuse.My dad has his house half hour drive away. He stays wtih her over night. Arrives at 7-8pm at night and leaves around 10am in the morning. Spends the whole day away from her. I was raised with her and her foster mother. Life was never easy. She stood out for her bizarre behaviour, i dressed her from when i was a little kid and i was bullied very badly coz of her.Dad lived most of the time with his brother who was mentally handicpped. My mother i feel right now, needs more care. My father refuses to acknowedge this. He does not want her ‘instituationalised’. I dont wish her to be ‘locked up ‘either, but i think she needs more care at this stage. He will not let me speak to her psychitarists or nurses in charge of her. He says that she ‘cannot help her behaviour and that we ahve to live with it’. He says to me when i tell him i’m stressed ‘ cop on to yourself’. Yet, he will not reveal to her health professionals exactly how bad things are. He expects me to ‘visit more’ but even that does no good for her or doesnt make her happy, even though i sacfifice so much of my happiness for her and to ‘make life easier’ for dad. He tries his best with her. My life is so controlled i cannot tell her (or him now) i’m doing something nice for the weekend or they try to make me feel so guilty. Dads tone would be ‘good for you, what about me and your mother’. I’ve put off getting married coz i know she would go beserk and there is no way you could have her at a wedding, she would rise hell. I spend all my xmas and easter holdiays with her (all my life)..alone without my partner. I’m so stressed i’m on medication and seeing a therapist who is trying to show me to set boundaries. I’ve told my dad this and he says that it is ‘my problem’, the way i look at things, that ‘your mother cannot help it, and you have to live with it’. Its not that i cannot ‘accept’ shes ill, i fully do. I just cannot accept my life being a slave to this illness and her controlling behaviour, thats the problem. I want my mum in my life, i love her, and love him, but i’m sacrificing my life and they control it. To the point i think its not work living.I tell him im worried sick about her and him and he tells me to cop on. He has multiple health issues aswell so i worry about him so much. Please advise me. My lifes very difficult and i love and care for both of their welfare. By the way shes well known to a psychtiratic team but they tell my dad and me theres nothing that can be done for her. I do speak to her psychriatic nurse and doctor and have told them how much stress she is but they say ‘thats just the way she is, that she is just akward, and that they cannot help her’. So therefore dad doesnt want to take it further. Dad doesnt want to discuss this with me. I ring him daily to get monosolabic conversation from him. The worry and guilt i feel are eating me up. Guilt coz i feel i could do more. But i order to i would have to give up work and literally move in with her for a while and i dont think i can.

  8.  whites are not the only racists

    Ok, I swear to god if there was such thing as a time machine, I would go back in time and fix all the stupid mistakes I made even all the petty fights my fiance and I got into. I almost broke up with him the other night because of my anxiety issues, and I told him to his face that he doesn’t love me and that I don’t deserve him because I’m stupid and crazy. He was then all shocked and then started crying, and felt all hurt and like crap for the past couple of days. I love him but I still feel like I don’t deserve him, cause I’m a “One Who Flew over the Coocoo’s Nest” retard. I don’t want to break up with him because that’s just gonna make things worse, since he loves me for me–however, that’s just hard to believe. Like I said, I really wish there was such thing as a time machine so I can go back and erase all this sh*t. I struggle to let go of the past and replaying about what I should have done.
    I’m also anxious about work–I’m worried that my time card got lost and that I won’t get paid, and we get paid on Saturday, and it’s been the longest agonizing week of my life cause I’m afraid that my check will be missing, and then I’ll have to avoid my fiance and not talk to him for like another week so that he won’t have to deal with the meltdown episode of my freak out session that will come about. And my boss should have freaking told me if something was missing, right? I’ve been having headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite? What can I do?
    oh yeah, I stopped going to a therapist cause it was too expensive.

  9.  Marlon P

    You can be guilty of all kinds of sins, and yet experience the joy of forgiveness. You can have this joy when:

    1. Quit denying your guilt and recognise that you have sinned.
    2. Admit your guilt to God and ask for His forgiveness
    3. Let go of your guilt and believe that God has forgiven you.

    God’s Word declares that sin confessed are sins forgiven.
    (1 John 1 v 9).

  10.  kerrin marz

    What are the newest proxies available?

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